G-Day is the Birthday of a Thug or Player
Yo make sure you text up Jack and wish him a good G-Day before we go out and slay some hoes
by Jack Davidson March 18, 2015
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The Day when The United states is invaded by German Foreign Exchange Students.
Zach and Melanie are stocked for G-day when we finally get to meet Zach's German.
by xxxxxRCxxxxx February 29, 2008
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Literally means "Good Day", a common Australian informal greeting.
by Goyds October 24, 2007
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Happy G day is another phrase for Happy birthday. But when you say happy g day to someone it means your close with them. It could also be referred to happy gangster day.
Hey happy g day Steve.
by BorderBandit November 30, 2020
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What lazer beam says at the start of a video
G-day g-day you bloody legends Lazer Beam here back with another video
by WEEBLIT September 10, 2019
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