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G-Day is the Birthday of a Thug or Player
Yo make sure you text up Jack and wish him a good G-Day before we go out and slay some hoes
by Jack Davidson March 18, 2015
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a slang term used as a substitute for good day. This term is the greatest word ever invented by Australians!
G'day mate, hows it goin? Wanna hit up the pub tonite and drink another keg?
by twangos flaming budds July 21, 2003
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derived from the words 'good' and 'day', gday is an australian word used to greet ones mate buddy or cobber.
person 1: gday mate, how goes it true blue fair dinkum aussie bloke?
person 2: it goes great cobber, hows yourself?
person 1: well my missus has been mad at me because i stayed at the pub too long drinking emu export
person 2: dont worry buddy, come around to my place later and we can watch the footy and drink booze
person 1: your a true mate cob, fair dinkum
by Jem January 04, 2005
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(Aus.) Possibly shortened form of 'good day', but can be used in place of 'hello' or 'hi'.
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
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aussie slnag for saying hi
person1: gday mate how r u?
person2: im good mate
by bushy911 February 20, 2007
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