Gangsta way to correct someone. Gangsta check.
to put someone in place after trying to get out on you.
He G checked the shit out of them when they hit his car with rocks.
by Antonio Porterfield April 1, 2008
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To test someones G or Gangsta. To ensure they are indeed the gangsta they are presenting themself as. Often seen as highly disrespectful.
He was across the street frontin like a boss and shit. So i went ova there and g checked him. Hommie got real humble.
by Mossberg July 10, 2006
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When someone of a gang approaches someone who he thinks is a memeber of the same gang, he will ask him to state his name, rank, set, and OG.
short for ganster check, or checking someones "gangster"
I had to G-check that nigga over there, he was tryin to act like he was down.
by Keith December 3, 2004
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When you check if a lil nigga real or false flaggin'
Real Nigga No. 1 - Mane that lil nigga swear he bang 74

Real Nigga No. 2 - Time for a G Check
by RealAssNigga December 21, 2010
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a system where a gang member will test anothers gang members knowledge of the gang codes in a disrespectful manor.
this nigga just tried to G-check me, i know my shit.
by scareface May 1, 2008
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When you question one's true G-status.
A G-Check can be a direct contradiction of what one person says because another believes that the speaker is not G enough for their statement to be valid. A G check can be reversed if the origional speaker performs said G check issued by the second person. A G-Check can never be a one sided statement there must always be a claim before the check.
(Andy and Joe enter bar)
(hood rat passes)

-Andy: daum yo that bitch is fine imma hit that tonight. (starter statement)
-Joe: nigga please you got no chance (G-check)
- Andy procedes to hit that all night long and then brags to Joe about it, which is the G-Check turnaround.
by andyisown August 16, 2008
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1) When someone is offending you or bothering you, you put the person in check or teach them a lesson so to speak.
"Jim Lee was talking shit, so I G-Checked his ass by robbing him!"
by Chris November 17, 2004
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