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Fyn is short for fine.
Bob: I don't like you anymore.
Suzzie: fyn, be that way. =(
Mark: You are so Fyn.
Suzzie: You think I'm hot?
Mark: Yes =)
by tacoland September 30, 2007
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Fyn is a curly brown haired girl. She’s really active and outgoing. She can sometimes be a bitch. She’s quite funny and spontaneous. She loves chocolate and dogs. She’s got blue beautiful eyes. She likes to joke around. She’s a very sarcastic human being.
Omg Fyn do you have anymore chocolate?
by Crispymnms February 07, 2018
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fyn is short for fucked ur nigga

" I fyn twice"
"what how would u"
"sorry he's hot as fuck!"
by swagmoneyggi April 09, 2016
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