Having such a high level of fustration that you completely forget to pronounce the first "R" in the word "frustration" when you try to describe your feelings to your peers.
Matt got so fustrated that he started stuttering and stammering during his total loss settlement offers.
by 3-E September 26, 2006
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It's the way a total dipshit pronounces "frustration." Asshole dipshits.
I am a total dipshit assbag and it causes lots of fustration to everyone I be knowing.
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adj. the black girl way of saying horny
Black Girl: I'm so fustrated today!

White Boy: I’m sorry to hear that, what’s made you so irritated?

Black Girl: No I mean FUStrated, like I just need some dick.

*White boy walks away*
by Wingman17 March 11, 2020
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An improper use of the word "frustrating"; used mainly by brainless females whose mindless chatter would make Einstein's brain explode like the Atomic bomb that he helped develop.
"Oh my god, it's like so fustrating trying to do make-up and driving at the same time", said Karen.

"Booooom!!".......Einstein's brain.
by jwang July 14, 2013
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the act of getting extremely pissed off at someone (especially if it's your science teacher) when they mis-pronounce the word frustrating
Teacher: "Now class I know that this test may be very freeeeustrarting because you know that it's worth 92% of your final grade, but you need to pass it"

Student#1: "Great!!! Now I'm scared AND fustrated!!!"

Student#2: "I know, it's so fustrating!!!"
by GreenWindextor3939 May 3, 2009
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When your wife drives you crazy. Most likely a person from
Boston who cannot pronounce the letter “R”
My wife is fustrating the heck out of me
by Winger444 June 15, 2020
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I come from an upper-class family (almost a hundred acres of sprawling countryside, a house the size of a small mansion, a half dozen vehicles, etc.). I am not as well-off as the rest of my family, but I know for a fact that "f-u-s-t-r-a-t-e-d" is the "original" spelling of the word "fustrated". You'r dictionary definition, which I found to be very insulting, has angered me to no end.
I am VERY fustrated at the illiterate idiot who wrote this dictionary!!!!!!!
by Big J.J. October 2, 2011
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