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-Dan is failing school, loves to party, and gets stoned every afternoon.

-What a bad ass
-Naw he's fusco.
by Dr.Soviet April 06, 2011
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One who leaves work early and goes on an all day drinking and/or smoking bender. Typically starts at 11:30am to 12pm and last till 4:00 to 5pm on workdays. The person never returns to work and usually finds a watering hole where they won't be seen. There can be one to several people at a one of these events.
This day is off to a bad start, looks like we will be on a fusco by 11:30am. You pick the spot, I will see who else wants to join the fusco.
by Fusco'r July 08, 2012
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A mutilated 32 year old foreskin, who's ingrown hair follicles are used to grow dilapidated gypsy testicles in a petri dish.
Manfri: Doc, when... when will I once again feel the squishy moist sack that has terrorized my village for decades, dangling between my hairy legs again?

Dr. Vano: We don't know, the Fusco is being prepped as we speak
by DomFe May 04, 2018
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The Biggest ghetto-est jack-ass in the planet
she is the most kool-aid drinkinest bad-ass mama-jama evahh
Hey J" "Yea D" "look at that bitch shes acting like a Fusco!" "hell yea gurl
by Fa8tee December 13, 2010
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A slang term for an African American. Not derogatory.
Hey Molly look at that Fusco over there, hes kinda cute
by Johnny thick dick May 04, 2019
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