Distance. 201.16800 meters. Used mainly in horse racing.
"...And as they approach the final furlong..."
by pp90 May 24, 2004
Despite the implied furriness and length, even a cursory inspection will reveal that "Furlong" is neither Furry or Long. He is bald and short. Like Danny DeVito. But ugly. Like Danny DeVito. "Hey, Danny, your penis is small."
"Who you calling Danny?"
by The LoveHater January 29, 2004
A name of a man who is a sweaty roach, who rarely leaves their basement. These people have minimal skills at life and no particularly life goals
You are pathetic, you being such a furlong
by Roach988 February 28, 2019
about 660 feet
The guy walked the a furlong each fortnight.
by bill anderson September 1, 2003
1. nickname for "farhan"
2. coincidentally synonymous for "ballin'"
e.g. 1 "yo, where'd you get that gum"
2 "furlong gave it to me"
1 "oh, what a baller"
by Datroy June 6, 2007
a length in horse racing... no idea how long it is... but there isnt many...
there jsut coming up to the final furlong...
by TheRook September 1, 2003
The act of poking someone on Facebook to get them to add you.
Person-1: Poke
Person 2 : Pokes back
Person 1 :Adds
Person 2 : Accepts

Friend 1- Hey man, did you give her The Furlong Poke?
Friend 2- Yeah dude I Furbie poked the shit out of her

Verb-To give them the Furbie
by BrumBrum October 19, 2012