"I wish I could date that blogger."
"Don't you guys live over 3,000 miles away?"
"Distance is such a cock-block."
by an angry Internet user October 9, 2011
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A big, huge, ugly thing that keeps friends, Bestfriends, lovers and others away from each other. distance usually causes random phrases like "i miss you!" or "my day is always worse with out you like today! =("

Guy; distance sucks =(
by rawr man! June 21, 2006
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I'm so tired of distance.

Distance always finds a way to make everything more difficult.
by distantt April 9, 2013
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the difficult, but important, period of time after a breakup were the two involved do not have contact in an attempt to regain a sense of themselves.
i think i need some distance in order to figure our who i am without you.
by simonmax October 29, 2011
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Stupid stupid word and thing that slowly kills peopl.e It really sucks and shouldn't exist.
Distance sucks
by Distance hater June 6, 2017
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A word white girls don’t seem to understand.
“Come on, I know it’s a virus but we’ll only be like 154 people.”

“Omg, you are such a wack, it’s not like distance does anything.”
by Fuck stupid people May 1, 2020
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Striving to meet a personal objective, with the determination and will-power to achieve that objective.
He's going the distance, he's going for speed....Cake
by Naysayer13 January 22, 2004
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