fat cunt

when an obese woman still wears her pants halfway up her belly so that there's a huge bulge in the front of her pants and you can't tell whether it's her stomach or what it is. basically when a fat woman is wearing tight clothes and that whole region just becomes ambiguous; kind of like a cankle.
You will have a funt when you are old and fat.
by to_the_sun November 29, 2007
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People who: are hoers, steel, destroy others' property, do drugs, think they are hot but are not, never clean, and have anger issues.
Marie is a funt. That funt took all my nice stuff. The funt knows what she did.
by fish1234 January 12, 2008
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compound form of "fugly" and "cunt" . and meaning of when you see a girl or guy and they were a ugly root . you would say "they were a funt"
Tim: fuck look there's my ex man she ugly
girl: Hi Tim
Tim: Go away you Funt
by macattack1289 May 04, 2011
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A short way of saying someone is a funny (see you next tuesday).

Someone who is a jerk but is funny also.
You sure are a shady funt.
by discospeed March 21, 2012
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A new word, originating from the phrase 'Fucking cunt' Sorta useless since saying the phrase is more fun than calling someone a funt.
"Benjamin Is a funt"
by Reverend Ronald Thompson February 03, 2005
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