A compact, polite version 'fucking cunt'.
Darin's wife. Ugh. What a funt.
by Brüster November 8, 2005
A hybrid of the words "fucking" and "cunt."

Used as an insult
Paul: look at that funt over there texting during a movie!

Lenny: let's kick his fucking ass!

Paul: but not because of his race.

Lenny: shit dude, why would you throw that into the mix? Now it'll feel racist to kick his ass.

Paul: I just want to make sure we're on the same page. This is only because of the texting thing, right?

Lenny: it was at first, but fuck dude, you went and made it all political. I don't even want to kick his ass now.

Paul: well that's quite the conundrum, isn't it?

Lenny: how do you mean?

Paul: just think about it; now we're NOT kicking his ass because he's black. We're essentially back where we started.

Lenny: so what now?

Paul: I don't know Lenny, but we have to do something.

Lenny: hear me out... what say we do kick his ass, but the whole time we're doing it, we stress that it's because he's a douchebag, not because he's black.

Paul: brilliant. But we should probably stop talking to each other now, considering we're in a theatre.

Lenny: that's smart, you're smart.
by Papa No-touch November 22, 2016
A substitute curse word for "fuck" and "cunt", used by the population of the fictional European city 'Download' in Britain's 2000 AD comic series "Sinister Dexter".

Variant terms: "smugfunt", "funtwipe".
"What the FUNT!?!"
"I look like a funtin' prat!"
by Robert Beech February 11, 2008
To be a Facebooking Cunt.
Did you see all that drama Jevana and Shawntaya posted on Facebook?!?!
They were acting like such funts!
by °Mz°Blondie° April 11, 2019
Funt - Fucking cunt.
Dude i hate that funt.
by Nikkkkiiii February 24, 2008
Plain and simply... Fuckin' Cunt!
Interchangable with Cunt, more offensive, yet less impactful.
by Mike Lowe July 10, 2003