1. A guy or who drools when he wacks off 2. A male or female that drools during masturbation.
1. If one of your friends annoys you, remind him, "Don't be a Fun-House!" If there's a problem person, you and your friends all agree "That guy is a Fun-House!"
by IronMikey July 20, 2020
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The best Tv show there ever was. You had Pat Sharp, Pat Sharp's mullet, two sexy as hell twins who were hella gagging for it, go-karts and the funnest house you can imagine. You'd go in the fun house, have a whole bunch of fun and then win prizes. I think you had to collect something but I can't remember.

Either way if I was a contestant and the buzzer went off to sigify the end I'd be all like, "as if I'm leaving, I'm moving into this fun house!" and the producers would be like "shit, please leave," and I'd be like, "no."
"Man, that chair boarding routine was so sick, it was almost as cool as Fun House,"

"Take that back now you jabroni."


"because Fun House is in a league of it's own, take it's name in vane again and I'll tell your mum."

"O.K. I'm sorry."

"You better be."

"I am."

"Say Sorry to fun house!"

"Sorry fun house."

"Ha! what a chump, you said sorry to a house that isn't even on ITV anymore, it's all "My parents Are Aliens," and other various crap now.

"Blue Peter still rocks though.

"Damn straight."
by Ian Mckenna May 16, 2005
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A fun house is when you poke many holes in a large box. Then a person gets in the box. Then men place their penises through the holes in the box. Kind of like a box of glory holes.
This gay club I heard about wanted more glory holes but ran out of bathroom stalls so they just made a fun house.
by TheRealSuperAIDS July 15, 2009
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The basement of Jake Paul, preferably filled with 248 children
News Reporter: Krusty’s Fun house has been explored. 3 officers were shot by turrets, and they were unable to save the 225 estimated children.
by LooseSniper May 21, 2023
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A reverse titty-fuck where you sit on the girls face, get some ass play, and fuck some titties.
I gave yer ma a filthy fun house last night, she let me bounce around on them twins for hours.
by Asseater 3000 December 4, 2013
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Aligator fun house is where you stick anal beads in your lovers ass until the have a tail. You then bound your lovers mouth open. You then shoot you load in your lovers eye and rip the beads out of your lovers ass. Your lover when then thrash like a aligator.
Today I lost a finger doing the aligator fun house.
by Legionair765 December 14, 2015
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A gay male slides a slippery salamander down his pants
It tickles him he does a dance
He feels good inside so much so it puts him in a trance
Silly little salamander jumps onto his liver
His intestines, his appendix, his heart starts to quiver

But to his relief the salamander can’t go back into the river
He can never find him again no matter how much he ganders
This my friend is the fun house of salamanders
I went to the aquarium and I got salamander fun housed, it was the best experience of my life.
by dickwitcha June 20, 2022
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