Referring to a male that either acts gay, is gay, slightly gay, has gay qualities, rather hang out with guys then girls, a male dancer, in other words a name for a suspected homosexual.
by John Beeeeeeeeeeeee January 20, 2011
A male with latent homosexual tendencies who enjoys the company of other males and listens to German techno music while wearing a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the collar popped, and sandals. This is adapted from the Simpsons episode "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" where at the end, Bart and Grandpa are hugging, and the rich German guy calls out to them: "Hey fun boys, get a room." He then drives off listening to techno music.
"Look at those fun boys drinking Miller Lite."
by Vaughan Piccolo August 18, 2005
A boy/guy who enjoys activites that are percieved as being fun, also finds enjoyment out of showing other people a fun time.

A boy/guy who enjoys having fun.
Fun Boys enjoy excessive socialising, clubbing, adventurous activties etc.
by nicholasgillespie November 20, 2007
Another phrase for a jock that thinks the sun shines out of his ass.
Shit sister, there's way too many fun boys in my halls!
by theswirly May 4, 2006
A mischievous male moron; a person who "just dont get it"; someone who thinks people are laughing WITH them.
"oh, that's just the guy from 'American Idol. HE is suck a fun boy."
by DFG January 14, 2003
1.A slang for a gay man
2.a character from the 1994 movie "The Crow"
"Remember the scene where Eric killed Fun Boy?"
by Emmi June 20, 2004
Group of young, unimaginative boys who all have the same "sucked mango" hairstyle and all wear the same clothes and shoes. The alpha male of the group is usually in the pinkest our loudest coloured shirt.

The collective noun for fun boys is pod.
Look at that pod of fun boys trying to hit on all the ladies
by The_House May 6, 2008