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Having a fully erect penis, usually in public or a social situation and it is REALLY obvious to everyone.
Guy A: Awh, I was so totally about to score with that chick. I'm going to go back over there and talk to her again.
Guy B: Dude, you can't!
Guy A: Why not?
Guy B: Check it out, you are fully torqued bro.
Guy A: Thanks for the save man.
Guy B: No prob, that's what friends are for.
by EagalHeart April 25, 2011
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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being in a permanent state of jubilation and exuberance due to more than excessive amounts of alcohol.
JO: What did u dudes end up doing last night?
BOB: Well after we docked hard we got fully torqued and went surfing.
by St;p September 26, 2011
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A funny weed word, like after you smoke a bunch of weed and crash into something, is a sign that your FULLY TORQUED
Dude one: Dude I just hit a gurl
Dude two: Yeah ur fucking torqued

Dude one: Fuck yeah, i'm fully torqued
by y3gy2gh4 December 03, 2019
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A sarcastic way of saying something is going/will go great. Mainly used for when you know for certain that something will go wrong.
*Band is about to start a song*
Mark: Bro, this band is fully torqued
Bill: Shut up
Mark: But dude, it's like Fully Torqued
Bill: Shut up
Mark: Ok
by Macabrebard2 April 18, 2019
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