An exclamation for when something great, successful, or fortunate happens.

Synonyms would include: "Oh yeah!", "Awesome!", or "Radical!"
Man 1: Hey, you just got an A in Physics!

Man 2: Yes! Full circle!
by ScantyChunk September 11, 2013
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To go 'full circle' is to attempt to right one's terrible sleep schedule by pulling an all nighter and then attempting to stay awake the entire day into the next night. It is probably one of the stupidest things I have ever tried.
Jimmy is currently passed out in the bathroom, and its 11 AM. That idiot was trying to go full circle.
by Lachdanan July 19, 2018
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When someone you know goes through all bouts of emotion in an excessively fast amount of time towards another individual. Generally starting with anger, that quickly forms into confusion, morphing back into anger, full send regret, super saiyan full blown retard, followed by quick depression, low key acceptance, and lastly complacent happiness.
Him: yo bro, why don't you and Coty chill anymore?

Bro: cuz Coty goes full circle way too often, and it really fucks with my mood.
by Amish Stalker October 6, 2019
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Guy: Let's have sex

Girl: I don't think I'm ready for full circle just yet.
by Dorkasaurus Rex November 15, 2010
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When you root/have relationship with a chick

Your mates all go there with the same chick over a matter of months or years

and then you end up rooting her again
Chick: hey remember when we fucked a few years ago

Guy: Yeah.... wanna go full circle, slut
by Aussiecunnyfunt March 16, 2019
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The act of taking ones flaccid penis and pushing into their own anus and urinating.
Hey bro, I gave myself a Full Circle last night and my ass was filled. It felt so good, you should try it.
by Pee circut September 24, 2018
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The act of getting full from standing in the center of a circle jerk and consuming the semen that is ejaculated from all the participants.
Honey, I'm gonna skip dinner tonight. I don't have much of an appetite after that full circle from earlier today.
by Krazymofo73 March 5, 2015
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