Name of a super bad ass motherfucker who owns everything an everyone. The name in urban legends you only hear about in your nightmares. A name given to the chosen one. Some say the person who is given this name is the only one who can kill Chuck Norris. Strangley enough the guy with this name will leave a smell of lemons wherever he goes.
"So what are you going to name your son", said the doctor, "and do you smell lemons"

"Coty....", says the mother.

""The doctor implodes and the hospital crumbles around the child""
""The world looks in awe..""
by Ron Burgundie May 26, 2007
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known as Cunt of the Year due to the fact that he's the realest of the realest. He won't give you any BS nor sugarcoat anything. He's so raw you can't help but love him. Everybody needs a Coty in their life. Need someone to keep you goal oriented? get a Coty. Need someone to call you out on your BS? get a Coty. Need someone to cheer you up? Get a Coty. Need someone to make you feel stupid? Get a Coty.
Man... Since it's impossible for me to be as perfect as a Valentina, I wouldn't mind becoming a Coty.
by CotyMaidOfHonor2090 August 06, 2019
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Acronym for Chuckle On The Inside. More acurate than Laughing Out Loud because seriously, who actually laughs out loud when you text people?
-lol man, that's hilarious!
-dont you mean coti?
by Aneko February 23, 2009
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Acronym that stands for "crying on the inside"
I accidentally squirted hand sanitizer in my eye. While I may look normal, I'm actually coti.
by actuallycrying December 07, 2015
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Abbreviation for "Chat On The Internet".
A mysterious shadow organization of absurdists, artists, intellectuals and cynics said to be behind...nothing important, really. Except being funnier and better than you.
When my friend's messageboard was suddenly and cataclysmically overrun by cartoon supervillains, I knew those COTI bastards were behind it.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
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Short for Crying On The Inside. Can be paired with lol as lolcoti or lol-coti to express "laughing out loud--crying on the inside". Also used by itself, usually as a sarcastic response to upsetting news.
"Great news! My company decided I was 'too valuable' in my current position to offer me that promotion <coti>!"

"Hey, I just heard my Ex is marrying a supermodel! lol-coti"
by B. Kaiser July 17, 2006
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