The cooler, blacker, and more badass way of saying fuck. But only to be used at the end of a sentance.

Also very well used if the other two words before the end of the sentance is dope as.
Dude that party was dope as fuhh.
by Swire October 11, 2011
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1. Fuhh is a word to describe something of dislike. Fuhh is used instead of the word "gross" or "ewww".
2. An exclamation of contempt.
1 "fuhh" that girl was ugly.
2 The dishes in the sing are so "Fuhh" !!!
by Jess C. June 5, 2005
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Another form of dank. Except when you as the "as fuhh" part it means it's extremely DANK.

Reese: Yo fatass!

ConnorJ: What?

Reese: Achmed blew up a building!

ConnorJ: Dude that's dank as fuhh!

by AldrichAmes September 28, 2010
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another way of saying "the fuck?" in a more appropriate manner. :)
friend #3: did you hear about her naked pictures?!
friend #2: THUHH FUHH?!
by official bamf April 8, 2010
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ight ima fuhh with you” is slang for “alright later” or “goodbye”
Hey Noah Im gonna go. Noah “ight ima fuhh wich you.”
by fuhh wit you September 25, 2019
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“Fuhh” is a common slang of the word Fuck.

They’re practically the same word, however typing “Fuhh” instead of Fuck makes you sound like a super cool person who gets bitches every day.
Person one: “Fuhh bro he’s so fine
Person two: “Fr bro fuhh
by Remsterdogg6969 May 6, 2022
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