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Stereophonics, an extemely multi-talented group. They seem to put a lot of emotion into their performances. With songs that are hypnotizing and mood altering, like Mr.Writer, to mixing it up with Tom Jones, Mama told me not to come, they show complete diversity. AND YES, A VERY,VERY, SEXY LEAD SINGER!!!
Stereophonics - just enough education to perform !!!
by Jess C. June 03, 2005

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1. Fuhh is a word to describe something of dislike. Fuhh is used instead of the word "gross" or "ewww".
2. An exclamation of contempt.
1 "fuhh" that girl was ugly.
2 The dishes in the sing are so "Fuhh" !!!
by Jess C. June 05, 2005

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