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A guy who can afford cheese on his potatoes. A rich kid with "sauce"
Dang look at Adrien with them potatoes! He's a cheese boy
by Yunq Squash January 17, 2017
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A lower-level submissive guy who has to do all the gross stuff better-looking guys force on him.
Derek never dreamed he would become the cheese boy of La Mar Junior College.
by Loretta La Rue April 20, 2003
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One ugly motherfucking, teacher's pet, ate cheese from a urinal and would do it again if had the chance. Also known as sssssnake, fuckface.
Cheeseboy is one ugly mofucker.
by irv April 22, 2003
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n The sexiest teenage man.
"You're dead Da Vinci!"
"You know, I am the sexiest man!"
by CheeseBoy69 October 11, 2003
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this weird kid called aashay or something similar
AHAHHHA look, it's cheese boy!
by kkkkkkkkkkkk February 16, 2008
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