When you hug someone or something as if you are fucking it!
"Look at Nick on the dance floor "fugging" Jessica!"

"My dog likes to "fug" my stuffed teddy bear"

"what rymes with hug me!"
by Sambiase September 20, 2013
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Mike tried to set me up with his sister but I saw her once at the pool and she is a FUG.
by keifermail July 31, 2008
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What 8-bit theater characters keep saying 'cause the author doesn't want to have swearing in his comics.
You fuggin' idiot
I'm gonna fuggin' kill you
Fuggin' Hell
by PulpDood March 06, 2005
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John and Annie believe fugging is better than fucking, as it brings a more sentimental value to the relationship.
by rebel91 January 29, 2016
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When you willingly have sex with an ugly chick or dude and it sorta feels like you got mugged. you then have to run home and take a shower cause you feel dirty and ashamed.
Yeah, poor Scott was desperate the other night and he ended up getting fugged by this chick from online.
by dfm128 March 15, 2007
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