v. To inflate the syllable count of any given sentence, while simultaneously disguising any meaning that may have been intended. See wordBEMLi/word
Oh stop Mailering and speak bloody English will you, wordffs/word
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
One who mails, and uses stamps and envelopes as weapons against unexpecting victims.

The official title of Mailer is only given when the MailGod and MailGoddess decide to do so.
1. What a complete Mailer!

2. Oi you Mailer!

3. Stop hogging all the envelopes and save some for the Mailers!
by Mailer February 11, 2004
An evil supernatural force that lives within cyberspace and randomly rejects sent emails for no apparent reason.
Dave: Did you email that hottie from Craigslist about hooking up this weekend?

Ryan: I tried but the mailer-demon apparently is already dating her...because he sent it right back to me.
by Not John Vallone November 5, 2010
pre-mailer - a person who comes to tell you they have sent you an email before it even arrives in your inbox
Mike: Did you get my e-mail?

Pips: When did you send it?

Mike: Just sent it.

Pips thinking: He is such a freakin pre-mailer.
by Jukes&Pips November 2, 2011
A cyber-fiend who hijacks your e-mail transmissions for horrific ends and instantly declares your message a failure.
"...that I may have your hand in matrimony." SEND

MAILER-DAEMON: < message failure>

" O scowl of night!"
by cisco djidd June 28, 2009
One who dilivers by the means of a post office, a dildo to a gay lover before butt sex.
Bob: Do you know why Abe sent me a dildo in the mail? That's kind of fruity.

Ron: Dude, you better hide or something. That fag's a dick mailer!
by JakE May 7, 2007