Once a great online web comic that was perhaps one of the best available during its peak, this comic has since seen a steady decline in quality. Common theories for this include the author failing to come up with a replacement comic that anyone gives a rats ass about anymore.

In a failed attempt at an April Fools' Day joke, the author made a "joke" comic with the words "The End" as the last panel. The result was that fans wrote in thanking him for his time and devotion to the comic and for providing them with closure as lame as it was. He has since deluded himself into thinking that the fans were pulling a prank back on him when in fact they were serious about being glad the comic was finally over.
Brian Clevinger is jumping the shark with 8-bit theater these days.
by ngerber999 October 26, 2009
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A clever online sprite cartoon about the adventures of the evil Black Mage, the thieving Thief, the sword-obsessed dolt Fighter, and the dice-reliant Red Mage, a team of "light warriors" who aren't really light warriors and don't get along all that well and are shadowed by Black Belt, a martial arts bodyguard and White Mage, a healer and the most sane character of the series by far.
Black Mage: Congratulations, you pointy-eared elven freak. You're at the top of my death list now! You wait until we get to the end of the trail of my blood to make it official.
Fighter: Oh, don't worry Black Mage. I'll do it for ya.
Black Mage: No, touch nothing, these robes are booby-trapped, you'll damn us all.
Fighter: Lacking as I do in writing implements of any kind, I'll edit with my blade!
Black Robe: My list, my precious list. You know I've got a memory like a thingy that lets water drain out of it while keeping back solids of appreciable size. I'll have to raze the Earth to make sure I didn't skip anyone.
Fighter: I'm a helper!
by Zeke December 15, 2004
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I like swords and go to www.nuklearpower.com
Red Mage:Fighter its time for the Ol' Alley Oop.
Fighter:The Ally what?
Theif:Sword Stabby Bad Man.
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Same as above. Black Mage definitely the best. My hero. It's actually spelled Theatre at the site.
Red Mage: I was born ready.
FIghter: I was born naked and screaming.
Black Mage: And if all goes according to plan, you'll die like that too.
Fighter: Black Mage is my friend.
by David January 19, 2004
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One of the best Web Comics around, comprised of the follwing characters, the rouge elven Theif. Who conned everyone into him becoming Team Leader. The stab happy Black MAge, who wants to kill the team and possibly get it on with White Mage. The idiotic Sword loving dolt Fighter, who stupidly enough, is the reason this comic exsists. The Dice User (See: D&D Reject ) Red Mage, who tries to do everything in Dungeons and Dragons terms. The fighting Black Belt, who is most easily the character who stands out the most. because he came he from another time, (See:Time Travel) and the snae White Mage, who's Hammer and Healing spells are half the reason the bumbling idiots haven't DIED yet.
1:Theif:Let's just say the King's in no position to do that. *Holding Theiferia Contract*
2:Black Mage:You fool! I can only cast Hadoken once a DAY! I got nothing left!
3:Fighter: I like swords.
4:Red Mage: If I can just roll my 20 Sided Dice.....
5:Black Belt:What was I supposed to do? NOT Break them?
6:White Mage:They were for a new Orphanage!
by [Mon] February 16, 2005
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A genious work made by a genious comic writer.
"8-Bit Theater RoXoRs your SoXoRs!"
by Deadlyhomsar October 04, 2003
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