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a fake chicken nugget eaten by Holly Hemming.
Me: Those fuggets look really gross
Holly: *continues to eat fuggets*
by uliajerb June 11, 2017
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A piece of chicken that is neither chicken nugget, or a chicken finger because of its unique shape and length.
Camp Candlewood served its staff fuggets for lunch one day.
by Slimcity July 07, 2006
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A raisin-et turd that is projected from the anus by a swift fart. The size of a fugget is usually comparable to a rabbit turd.
Dude, I ate 5 hot dogs with chili after taking a massive shit. If I have to go again I'll probably just crank a fugget.
by Snake Baconator June 20, 2009
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it means that someone is acting like a fag or is acting really gay.
Dont be a fugget.
Quit acting like a fugget.
by David and Victor April 25, 2005
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