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Sometimes used by non-cussers as a substitute for fuck or shit.
It is related to the word crap.
Lilly: Did you see my new car.
Ginger: No.
Lilly: Come on I'll show you.
Ginger: Holy FudgeKnuckles that's an awesome car!
by Victoria Watters June 22, 2015
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to fist a male or female anally.
guy 1: did you go on that date last night?

guy 2: sure did, we went back to hers, she even let me fudge knuckle her.
by mykiemegatron April 23, 2010
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Piling a dump so high in a toilet that when you go to wipe your knuckles hit the pile causing your them to be covered in hot fudge.
After taking a massive dump and wiping, I hit the pile and got a fudge knuckle.
by Beetle Juice November 05, 2006
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When a sexual partner is fisting the other partner in the anus, and fecal matter, or more appropriately, "fudge" is left on the knuckles of the fister.
"I don't much care for fisting Lucy because I always get fudge knuckled."
by NJ Pelli September 26, 2006
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the crusty brown ring left on your digit when removed from a womens anus.
it wasn't until the morning when Biff realized exactly what had happened the night before, although his memory was cloudy,there was no denying the fudgeknuckle on his right thumb.
by Dr. John Michael May 05, 2006
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When you go to wipe and your hand slips and you get last nights digested leftover all over your knuckles.
I was wiping the other day and my hand sliped and I got fudge knuckles.
by Garebear#1 September 22, 2014
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