The meaning of fucktoy when a man calls his woman this, depends on the context in which it's used. Far from demeaning, when said in the throes of passion, it can be a torrid word of endearment, especially in a D/s dominant/submissive relationship.
Jay: "Ohhhhhh, you are my Fucktoy, mine to do with as I please!" Jane: "Ohhhhh God... Say it again ... again ... use me for your pleasure. I love being your Fucktoy. I want it so bad I can't stand. My pussy is throbbing for you to be inside me."
by Dex_terity June 21, 2015
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Someone only used for sexual desires (usually a bottom)
Monokuma is not only a robot, but also a great fucktoy.
by Angel boy August 12, 2020
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Hey, Isn't that Austin's new fucktoy?
by Emevas April 7, 2005
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Fucktoy is normally used if someone is sexually active with another person but it doesn't mean anything to them. This is mainly because they are just horny moron's that just want sex and they will use another person for their satisfaction.

If someone says fucktoy in a sentence then they are most likely wanting sex at that very moment. Or this could be used as a different way of talking about sex toys just in a ruder way.
1) dude I heard you have a new fucktoy
2) I love fucktoys its way better that way
by Rude Jihye August 23, 2017
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One who is used by another, or by a group, solely for recreational sex.
Mary was well known as the number one fucktoy for our fraternity.
by slud September 4, 2003
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1. A rubber dolly with appropriate holes.
2. A flesh dolly with appropriate holes. (You might want to be wearing the rubber!)
1. Oooh, ahhh, ohhhh yes baby! Your latex is sooo tight!

2. You're not stuffing that there until you put a rubber on!
by sachi D February 22, 2005
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