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The meaning of fucktoy when a man calls his woman this, depends on the context in which it's used. Far from demeaning, when said in the throes of passion, it can be a torrid word of endearment, especially in a D/s dominant/submissive relationship.
Jay: "Ohhhhhh, you are my Fucktoy, mine to do with as I please!" Jane: "Ohhhhh God... Say it again ... again ... use me for your pleasure. I love being your Fucktoy. I want it so bad I can't stand. My pussy is throbbing for you to be inside me."
by Dex_terity June 21, 2015
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A pre-negotiated technique enjoyed by some spanking fetishists (spankos): leaving the red outline of a hand print on a partner's inner thigh during intense play; an especially popular activity to spanking enthusiasts during Spanksgiving ... ummm ... Thanksgiving time.
Adriana reveals a fondness for creating something called thigh turkeys on her willing spankee. “I love doing thigh turkeys on people, because you can watch the handprint grow.” “Oh, like when you draw one for Thanksgiving!” Katherine responds. "That’s pretty cute.”
by Dex_terity November 22, 2016
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