List of shit you were trying to do but eventually had to say "Fuck It" Unlike the traditional "Bucket List", the "Fuckit List" is not written in advance, but added to as you no longer give a fuck to do something.
I've moved reconciling with you to my fuckit list.
by Dimwitty April 18, 2013
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A list of things you planned to do before you die but gave up on.
Skydiving was on my bucket list but I chickened out. It's now on my fuck it list.
by FreshWords February 11, 2018
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Opposite of Bucket List, which is the things you want to do before you die, a Fuckit List is a list of things you don't want to do and in fact, would rather die than do. The jobs are usually tedious, boring, redundant and pointless.
Fuckit List:

1. Clean the garage.
2. Clean the gutters.
3. Install new toilet.
4. Strip and wax basement floor.
5. Remove poison ivy from back wall of garage.

6. Scrub garbage can.
Wife: "Honey, did you remember to reseal the driveway?"
Husband, watching ball game on TV: "I'll get to it.."
Friend: "Is that on your 'Honey-Do List'?"
Husband: "No, it's on my Fuckit List...it ain't gettin' done in this lifetime!"
by Turkey Trot July 18, 2011
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The list of things you meant to get done before you die, but now realize you're never going to get around to.
My "Fuckit list": Yeah, I was going to write the Great American novel before I died, but I got busy. Also, you're going to have to clean the gutters without me. Fuck it.
by TakesALickin July 19, 2011
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1. The list of people you want to fuck before you die despite overwhelming negative odds; Rachel McAdams

2. The list of people you hope crazy voodoo shit happens to; crazy downstairs Russian lady who bangs on the floor with her broom
Father: Raquel Welsh and Sophia Loren are tied at the top of my fuckit list, what about you?
Son: Rachel McAdams...who the fuck is Sophia Loren?
Father: "Who the fuck is Sophia Loren?"!! Son, you just made my other fuckit list.
by AirplaneDonk November 07, 2010
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