Being worn out from fucking for at least a week straight after you or your man is released from rehab or jail.
I'm all fucked out. My baby's daddy got home 2 weeks ago after doin a nickel in county.
by Madam D October 16, 2006
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After having great sex ones hole or holes are gaping open or your throat might be hurt from some deepthroat or face fuck
1: after I came all over her ass she just stayed there tapped out face down ass up she was fucked out

2:my throat hurts

I told you, you was gonna get fucked out fucking with me

I mean I still fucking loved it

You done got my dick hard again

Now I'm trying to leave your other holes fucked out
by Magicqueef August 15, 2019
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An adverb meaning something happened to a greater extent. If somebody (verb)ed the fuck out of (object), it means that person REALLY (verb)ed that (object) hardcore. see also: the shit out of
i'm so tired, i'm going to sleep the fuck out of my bed tonight.
by dunsap December 7, 2008
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"Wow, Naomi really fucked out Biology last year, lets hope she does better second time around."


"Don't forget to bring the cider for tonight's party"
"It's alright, I've got it covered, I'm not gonna fuck out."
by Nomtron August 15, 2006
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Shortened form of "get the fuck out".
"Hey, you're a bitch."

"Hey, David(my dumbass ex) fuck out."
by CoconutBanana April 19, 2010
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Used in response to sarcasm, disbelief, and or lies.
Synonyms: Loy, Oh Okay
Person 1: I just moved to West Palm and theres mad shorties out here.

Person 2: Oh, so you got shorties there?

Person 1: Fuck Out, not yet. But I will.
by wonder1872001 August 25, 2005
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