Used to express your feelings about a situation or a person or even a place. It basically means I don't care. It can also mean you don't associate with someone.
Friend: have you done your homework?
Other friend: guy I don't fuck !
by Cv1st May 22, 2017
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Wanting nothing to do with someone, whether as a friend/acquaintance or more. Can be abbreviated as "idfwy" or "idfwu". Gained popularity from Big Sean's song. Not to be confused with the sexual meaning of "fucking someone".
Kacey: Hey why don't we invite Lisa to the party?
Marissa: Hell no. I don't fuck with her, she's annoying

Jason: Hey baby I miss you, let's get back together
Kacey: No thanks, I don't fuck with you
by LeiDomingues March 11, 2016
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Short sharp to the point! A conversation killer. It can also be a risky statement to make....infact i would say if your not a big powerful man or a funny/comedian type BE CAREFUL! To be used for really boring things or very annoying things, but its at your own personal risk you have been warned.
...the scene: its the middle of a dancefloor music is pumping....

Random no 1, to Random no 2...
" yea, i had a day."

Random no 2.
" I don't fucking care."......and then him/her just dances off into the night/day

Random no 1 is like
"".......shock, then anger or laughter if your cheeky and good at it.

by Teddybeer! July 01, 2011
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An angry expression of ignorance generally used in response to a specific inquiry.
- How do you think the cat got up there?
- I don't fucking know!
by FuckIfIKnow November 26, 2013
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Usually used in situations where fucking around is not permitted. Hardcore "non-fuckers" will often let people know of their "fucking" status by constantly letting them know by saying "Yo, I'm not fucking around here." They might even apply it to specific examples such as, "I was most definitely not fucking around on that test." People who do fuck around are often looked down upon, unless they can justify the act of fucking around that they were doing, are doing, or are planning to do. A few examples of the justification of fucking around are: if it is the first day of a month (especially if that day is a friday), if it's raining on Boston on the day the fucking around is occurring, if physical education is taking place on that day. Justifications must be completely outlandish, but they also must be said with a completely serious face or else you will have been caught fucking around and further ridiculed for doing so.
Yo Bazin, how'd you do in that game yesterday?

I scored like four goals. I don't fuck around man.
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A song made by Big Sean. It is literally a song about not caring.
"I don't fuck with you, you big dumb dumb."
by GameCheater803 December 22, 2015
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