Basically meaning get to fuck.
A retaliation to being slagged off. Insults a person if they are being dickish. There is no comeback to that.
Person 1 - your majorly thick!
Person 2 - Fuck your mum!
Person 1 -......
by Erin Shearer November 10, 2009
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Something you would say to someone to piss them off
Hey Jono, I fucked your mum
by nuggislife March 18, 2020
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fucking your mum

from Dedji and JJ
suck my dick and i fuck your mum so hard last night that she died in the moment
by mamadou September 3, 2015
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Something a 9-12 year old uses as a insult
Shut up retard”. Na I’m gonna fuck your mum
by NOTATallirishman September 13, 2020
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