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Food you would not make (cook) for someone who is just a friend. When you make this food for someone you want to fuck them.
Beth: He made me sushi becuase my back hurt.

Friend: Dude did you fuck him?

Beth: No! It was just a friend thing.

Friend: No fucking way! He served you fuck food!

Beth: What are talking about?

Friend: Sushi is not a friend food. He went through the effort to make Sushi....meaning he wanted a piece of ASS!
by Fuck Food Rocks! May 05, 2009
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The simple definition is that you are saying "that is really fucking dumb" or something along that line. You cannot use it for obvious stupid things like you can't go to the park because your mom said so, more like your friend is being a bitch and won't let you in their house.
"Jimbo won't let us swim at his house because he's watching his niece again."

"That's fuckfood"

"That really is"
by K9 Klub July 12, 2017
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