fs is short for zero in hebrew because the pronounciation is the same ("efes"=0 in hebrew).
Usually used by CS gamers when some n00b gets killed.
by |)/\/\6 November 11, 2006
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Fake smile the worst thing that someone has
Guy 1:Her eyes look empty but she's smiling

Guy 2:yeah she's putting on her Fs
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Acronym term for when things are Fucking Sweet. Used to describe an action or object of excellent or amazing quality.
Also used as 'Effis' or 'The F's'
That chicks body is so FS!
Did you see that snowboarder, his huck was effis!
Hey, Bro. You play that new game yet? I heard it was the F's.
by 'Joliet' Jake February 04, 2008
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Abv. used for Foreskin Slap.
1. GOD DAMN she pisses me off SO much, that I'm am going to FS her in the face repeatedly until she passes out.
by Danner April 21, 2008
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