this means "For Sale." People usually use this word on forum sites especially on car forums, but it can be used on any kind of sites where you can sell and buy.

using this word in a thread or forum where you post pictures and description about what you are selling.
For Sale: Front Bumper Lip for 250 shipped.


FS: Front Bumper Lip for 250shipped.
by ilovehonda November 15, 2007
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Short for "Fat Slut" - girls who are obese and still wear tight, revealing clothes in attempts to get sweet hooks.

From the same semantic field as "ys" (young slut).
"Far out why are all parties nowadays filled with fs."
by Drylinerrr October 30, 2011
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A Group Of Vandals, Writer's, Peicer's, Or Graffiti Artist's From MODESTO CA, FOOT SOLDIERS/FOREVER STYLES/FOREVERLY SICK/FREAK SHOW.

Let's Go Out Bombing With The FS Squad.
by MESY February 05, 2009
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Fat Shagger

(Usually) an unattractive male who loves to hit on heavyweight women.

A high number of FSs live in the UK, near grammar schools.

You can also use the term to make up new nicknames. ('DFS' - 'Dan the Fat Shagger')
OH, SHIT! Look at it! Dan has pulled the FS card again. That chick is massive! He has to explain this tomorrow. Im so dissapointed in him.
by Lodovik October 01, 2009
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A: i fell into a ditch today!
B: haha! FS!
by lauren x] October 09, 2008
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