Flight Simulator. Means the same as MSFS, so Microsoft Flight Simulator
FS9 or MSFS9 means Flight Simulator 9
FSX is Flight Simulator X
FS2002 is Flight Simulator 2002
A: Hey, what flight simulators you use when you're flying?
B: FS9, X-Plane, Enemy Engaged, LOMAC. And you?

2. Hey, people, someone wants to fly in FS9 through multiplayer today?
by Azazil_6 April 07, 2011
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An abbreviation for Formspring.me , a website where you can ask questions to anyone who has an account, either anonymously or publicly.
Dude check out my formspring (fs) , some chick thinks I'm hot but she's anonymous!
by mdl3clw November 29, 2010
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the signature that the unabomber used to sign his letters to victims, and on his manifesto.
Dear Scientist, Your investigation into technology will kill us. FS
by wtcards January 11, 2010
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