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Sugar component found in seminal fluids that allows sperm to be motile.
better drink your juice to get your fructose counts up hay rob.
rob- 'its ok there high enough as it is, my girlfriend is overseas'
by j bocca July 10, 2008
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it's sugar, you idiot hahaha
alright, so I had to ask my roomate what it was
I am eating animal crackers while writing this and guess what: high fructose corn syrup
by Shep420 September 07, 2006
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1.something that you always see mentioned with "corn" and "syrup".

2.a term used when you're realllllllllly angry; can be used as a verb with many different meanings
1.look on the back of any snack food and youll see "high fructose corn syrup"

2.I'M g0nna g0 FRUCTOSE him up!11
by Obi July 13, 2003
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1. gay

2. sickeningly sweet

3. to scam someone with excessive niceness
I think that guy is fructose.
She's being really fructose with me.
by slydude36 April 04, 2010
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