When douchebag's dye the tips of there spikey hair blonde, usually resulting in looking gay.
Wow look at my new frosted tips!

Those are so 10 years ago.
by bobby mcfaren July 06, 2009
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The majestically art of a male ejaculating into a females mouth. Then the female spits out the cum on to the head of the penis. Thus resembling a frosty tip.
Joe got a frosted tip at beach bash from a freshman transvestite
by mth bluff December 15, 2009
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term for a creepy, faggish, wanna-be cool person; one who goes so far to be creepy faggish and cool that they bleach and spike the tips of their hair.
Guy One: Hey Frosted tips! fag!
Frosted Tips Guy: :(
by Fenton Debinsky September 21, 2006
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When a dude jizzes in a female's hair, creating the exotic illusion of frosted tips.
1. "Come here baby n let me give u sum frosted tips"
***ejaculates everywhere***

2. "omg gurl, awsum highlites u look like a total babe!"

"....oh, these are just frosted tips that some guy at the club gave me last night."
by mrrager69 January 20, 2013
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Meaning to tit-fuck a lady and then jizz on her breasts
Guy 1- dude I totally gave that chick from the club last night some nice frosted tips
Guy 2- nice!!
by Big badass bassist February 09, 2012
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