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The opposite of catfish. When you are a transgender who was born a male & you try to deceive your potential straight male date into believing they are a female.
The football player from Virginia Tech got cockfished & now he is facing serious charges. I hope he walks.
by Charlie Badass June 13, 2021
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When someone has poor hygiene. Don't shower everyday. Doesn't brush teeth or wear deodorant
Dude Christie would be bangable if it wasn't for her lowgiene. She smells like the back of my ear.
by Charlie Badass July 2, 2022
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Brain Dialysis is a treatment for individuals who dont have a natural filter to screen out disturbing , inappropriate thoughts. Assists in the process of ridding your mind of toxins, waste products, impurities, and excess filth.
My mom's worried about my disturbing thoughts and says I say inappropriate things all the time she does not think that my natural filter works so she sending me to the shrink for brain dialysis.
by Charlie Badass October 14, 2020
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It is an acronym for the phrase eat sleep beat my meat repeat.
also Pronounced ESS/BUMM/ERR
BOSS: Hey man, what are your plans for your day off?
ME: E.S.B.M.M.R.
BOSS: Ok well I'm not familiar with your childish lingo, could you speak English?
ME: Eat sleep beat my meat repeat
BOSS: way to use your off time to be productive
ME: Fuck off
BOSS: You're fired
ME: See you Wednesday
by Charlie Badass November 11, 2018
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any agency, federal, state, or local, protecting the u.s. border from illegal immigrants. department of immigration, I.N.S. border patrol
i'm sick of seeing all these fuckin mexicans lurking around home depot... the border bouncers need to step it up.
by Charlie Badass February 16, 2011
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When a transexual makes a profile on a straight dating site and uses acronyms and code words in their "about me" section to disguise the truth hoping to get matched with an unsuspecting member who is unfamiliar with the lingo.
Friend: Dude, I matched with this cute chick on Tender .
Me: let me see... I just read her profile. Its a dude
Friend: Bullshit! Why do you say that?
Me: it says "Po Tg" she is Speaking Tranish. It means she is Post Operation Trans Gender.

Friend: ok cool. Don't tell nobody
by Charlie Badass November 10, 2017
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It is an acute often temporary neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests when an individual see a women with a great ass.
We were late leaving the mall because Eric develop Assperger's Syndrome and started following this girl, with short shorts and her ass hanging out, all over the mall.
by Charlie Badass June 13, 2022
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