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An erection caused by close contact or accidental sexual excitement from a strictly platonic friendship.
Kim: "Hey Alec, totally had fun tonight. I'll see you tomorrow, K"?

Alec: "Yep, see ya".

*Hug* - Kim's boobs press up against Alec's body and he gets a froner from the sensation of his friends awesome boobs touching him.
by Bewtsie January 03, 2012
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'Froner' = Friday Boner

To illustrate one's delight about the fact that the working week is coming to an end & the weekend is just around the corner.

It's a figurative term, so it is unisex. However if you find any unsavoury feminist types who want their own version, they can use... 'froist'
"can't wait for work to be over, i've got the biggest froner"

"man i got a froner... can't wait for the weeknd"

"if this day drags on any longer, i'm gonna get hairy palms from my froner"
by kdogg jamm October 28, 2010
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Freedom Boner.

A boner brought on when overcome by the pride of being 'Murican!
Bro 1: Dude, check out that Bald Eagle up there!

Bro 2: That is sweet, it is giving me a Froner
by Smman July 05, 2014
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In lieu of Crossfit legend and 3 time world champion competitor Rich Froning, it is common for many men to pop a boner or "froner" when looking at pictures of a shirtless Rich Froning or in his presence. The "froner" is not considered a homosexual tendency, but more of a form of respect and appreciation for his athletic accomplishments.
As Bryan watched Rich Froning compete in the Crossfit games at the Home Depot center in Los Angeles, he felt all the blood rush from his top head down to his low head. A gigantic froner former in his spandex shorts. Rich Froning dropped his 305lb barbell and made eye contact with Bryan's froner in the crowd. Rich winked at Bryan's froner as an sign of appreciation for the appreciation.
by Big Lud the Stud July 25, 2014
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The low fro of Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers. Famously made when pictures surfaced showing him lifting his hand in the air..showing his patch.
Sally: *looks at froner picture* Aww, look how cute they all---omg, Sarah LMAO look!

Sarah: What?

Sally: Look at Nick Jonas.

Sarah: What? He looks so cute smil---OMG! LOL. Guy needs to shaveee!
by Kelsey from The Night Cru! August 04, 2008
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Frat Boner

The boner that frat stars get when they walk into an ABC party and see a sorority slut only a few strips of selectively place caution tape.

Also can be a boner caused by alumni reminiscing of their glory frat daddy days.
Frat Star 1: "That theta from last night was fine as hell dude"

Frat Star 2:"Yeah I had a major froner until her big came and made her go back to the house"
by CatandtheFrat October 29, 2014
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When one person really wants a friendship with another person.

A friendship-boner
Elliott: Omg, Dru's like the coolest guy! I really hope we're friends now!
Sam: Dude, you have a total Froner on Dru man!
by jaybae32 October 16, 2014
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