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A gaming site dedicated to a page of mini games ranging in type, style and content. Generally go on when someone is very bored and has nothing else to do.
Jerry: Hey Bob i'm gonna go on friv

Bob: Ok, What you gonna play??

Jerry: Ninja Glove probably
by flopsy35 July 15, 2010
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Another way of saying frivolous: not having any serious purpose or value.

(aka a way of insulting another person)
Tim: Shut up Bob, you fucking friv.

Tom: Damn bro, just come out tonight, stoping being a friv.
by jubzzz September 22, 2016
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(adj) Completely frivolous or unnecessary.
Jack: I want to buy the shark injector for my car to add 7 bhp for $300. Is that worth it?
Casey: No way man. It's completely friv
Jack: Got it.
by snagglejew May 24, 2016
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