Believe it or not, the highest goddess in the ancient Norse pantheon and wife of Odin/Woten the King of the Gods was called Frigg. This is the origin of the word "Friday". So Friday is really "Frigg day"!
by Andy June 27, 2004
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1) to frigg ones self 2) To carryout a form of sexual pleasure on another person or youself. 3)correct term is materbation.
"Jackie could not answer the door as she was frigging herself in the kitchen"

"Nick was frigging soph in the bath"

"Sandy was frigging herself in the hall-way and al tripped over her."

"Frigg me now trev" says marie

"Frigg off"
by paddy October 01, 2003
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Randy-'Frigg off Julian'
Julian-'Randy your really starting to Frigg me off '
by IGWRBROD August 23, 2016
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the smell ommitted after frigging off. Smells rather disgusting, some might even say foul.
Smells like friggsweat round here
by CaptainFrigg October 11, 2004
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Each and every week, without fail, so long as reddit exists, there will be a Star Wars related story on the front page.
Frequency of types of content on reddit front page.

11/2010: 23% self stories 15% politics 32% cats 31% omgstarwars

Frigg's law
by dsnchntd November 09, 2010
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