inter-di-men-sio-nal (in-tûr-di-ménshon-ôl)
1) Something or someone who is amazing, awesome, understanding, loving, extremely beautiful and funny.
2) Something that has interdimensions.
3) A dimension that has inter.
4) Someone who you call when you are drunk or stoned, or both and you leave them a 15 minute message on their phone.
5) Someone with a tall friend.
6) Someone who does not think you are weird when you pretend to be an animal and stop that person from getting their studybook.
7) A person who's house you go to on a Saterday night and watch their room get thrashed by two french kids.
8) A person who had you on their top 8 but then they took you off.
1)Blanca is interdimensional.
2)That is so interdimensional.
3)Yo, those are some interdimensional dimensions.
4)I call Blanca every Saterday because she's so interdimensional.
5) Blanca is interdimensional with Erin.
6) Blanca was interdimensional during lunch.
7) Blanca is mad grimey sometimes when is interdimensional.
by Thom@$$$ W€$t November 23, 2005
A demigod from another dimension, particularly one who has incarnated or one who astral travels between the mortal world and godly realm.
'The interdimensional-demigod incarnated from Mount Olympus, in another dimension as a mortal on Earth, as well as astral travels between the mortal world and godly realm, on quests for the gods.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 5, 2022
1. A demigod who was born as a spirit in the godly realm.

2. A demigod incarnated from another dimension.

3. A demigod who astral travels between the mortal world and godly realm, (possibly on quests/errands for the gods).

(Note: They would also called a starseed/starchild demigod or more specifically an interdimensional starchild demigod. Some demigods who aren't starchild demigods fit into the final definition, though).
The interdimensional demigod incarnated as a mortal, on Earth from another dimension, as well as astral travelled between the mortal world and godly realm, on a quest for the gods, in order to earn godhood or immortality.
by DianaLuciusDeCollis June 4, 2022
A bong rip so strong that you struggle to distinguish fact from fiction; you struggle to understand the passage of time and reality becomes a blur. Logic and reasoning become difficult. This term originates from the conspiracy theorist and living meme Alex Jones. Jones believes in the existence of a secret society of interdimensional beings that control our government, economy, culture, and ecosystem. Basically, your so high that you start acting as crazy like this man and saying silly shit.
I'm really stoned already but I'm about to take an interdimensional bong rip fam. I'm going to get stupid fucked up tonight .
by Passingpapers April 16, 2017
A 7th dimension being that infinitely wears a pair of knockoff Supreme Clout Goggles, and travels to Earth over the weekends to cause cancer in little kids and give Clout to loyal fans. He consumes aerosol cake frosting and diabetes to regenerate his mana.
“I saw the Clout Boi over the weekend. I now have AIDS.”

“Here comes the interdimensional Clout Boi!”

“Hide your wife, ya kids, and ur husbands too cause he’s coming for you!”
by Clout_🅱️oi January 8, 2018
The act of sticking your penis through a black hole (assuming you can withstand the black hole devouring you) and allowing whatever is on the other side to grease your mandingo, you then pull it out and smack a complete stranger in the face with the remnants, the person on the receiving end of the post interdimensional mandingo slap then has to wrap their fingers around the shaft of the mandingo (gently) and say "ooga booga" 3 times in 5 seconds. When the interdimensional grease denomination is done correctly the person pursuing it will nut 50 times.
Man 1: Hey man, have you tried Interdimensional grease denomination?
Man 2: Nah, you?
Man 1: Hell yeah man, never came so hard in my fucking life.
by cp25811 May 15, 2018