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To be freuded, fr00tet or fr00ded - meaning to be psychoanalyzed
1) You've just been freuded,

2) I freud you,

3) You're under my freud-o-scope

4) In a dialogue:
Person A: I rather work on my social relationships
Person B: allow me to translate:... getting laid
Person A: can't I express my opinion without being freuded?
by Gotfredsen June 01, 2010
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To make a "Freudian slip" that is especially embarrassing or obnoxious. Typically followed by the offender or a bystander saying: "Oh crap I/you just freuded", and holding nose or waving hand in front of face as if trying to divert the smell away.
Person A: Why were you late?
Person B: I got stuck on Sex Avenue.

(Person B meant to say 6th Avenue, and has therefore just "freuded")
by MM87120NY March 20, 2009
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1) the have your thoughts or beliefs altered through the use of subliminal messaging

2)to be tricked using psychoanalysis
1) "he used to be wicked logical, but then he got freuded by all those christian pamphlets he reads"

2) "if you think Hillary is a good person or a honest politician, you've clearly been frueded by her campaign"
by higherthenthehighguy June 20, 2016
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