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In Psychoanalysis, according to Sigmund Freud, this is the component that is developed because of the Id. It is the formation of internal standards (most importantly included are morals). The superego strives for perfection. This component is initiated by the pressures of parents, peers, and society.
I only got an A- on my math test. I am not going to get into Harvard. My lack of college education will mean I will have to work as "cockroach" patrol at the local grease spoon. I won't be able to make ends meet SO I WILL HAVE TO ROB A BANK! I'LL GET CAUGHT AND GO TO JAIL! MY CHILDREN WILL STARVE TO DEATH BECAUSE I CAN"T FEED THEM. STOOOOPID MATH TEST! You ruined my life! <sob, sob, uncontrollable crying> The cause of the anxiety is the superego hunting for perfection.
by Mr. Bez July 09, 2006
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devlops durring the ages of (3-4).becomes part of the unconscious and sensors the EGO implementing moral values into the descions we make so we dont use pathalogical behavior to get what we want.the super Ego is formed by the childs parrents emphisis on what is wrong and what is right. the super Ego is stronger in boys because of "castration anxiety" or the fact that the father is to the male child a big authority figure. girls usuly have a small super ego and are more Ego-tystical then boys because of "penis envy",and less disapline by the father figure is present since the female child does not have oeddipus issues.the super ego in some people never devlop and if it is not present at all that person becomes a maglomaniac.a healthy psyche(rare to find) is balanced.
(females pysche at work)-weak super Ego
girl:im rich and i vote republican
because it helps me and i dont mind if it hurts others,and if some one gotta a problem then fuck those bastards.(sortive like that bitch ann coulter)
(although girls tend to block off other needs so they can be greedy it still causes emotional problems for them so they feel guilty alot.
(male pysche at work)strong super ego
boy:i guess ill vote democrat its the right thing to do,i mean even though im rich i should sacerfice some things for others even though it may hurt me a little.(although conscious of what they are doing knowing that it may not bennift them boys tend to feel good about there descions since in the past there parrents would have rewarded them for a good moral descion who play more of a role in male pysche).these exmples explain why females have more emotional problems then men although a male minorty may suffer from more problems(then a male whos not a minorty) it usualy because racism hurts there self-a-steam.weak social conditions can also damage the male psyche a good example is a pimp may never have been through the oeddipus stages because there father was in jail.with out the father figure in the pimps life he usuly has a hard time showing compasion towards females since the pimps mother was the parrent autharian figure who he would conflict with.thus when the mother is domminant in the males super ego the male may become a pimp or somebody who is unable of showing effection and loves material things like women do.
by johnyhoff February 28, 2005
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Someone with a rather large ego, also a superhero
Person A: Lucy has such a large ego!
Person B: Yeh i know dude its like a super EGO!
by Kazzac December 11, 2007
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his devloped in the mind and remains unconcious is full of parents morale values and society devlops at an early age so most of it is parrent morale used to censor the Ego in descion makeing.girls usualy have a smaller super Ego due to being jelous of boys at an ealy age and since their not as close to parrents.boys usualy have a large super Ego because of their ealy on obsession with there mother.
some one with a small super ego has emotional problems or is egotystical
by johnyhoff March 10, 2005
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