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A town in MD, about 50 miles NW of DC, it used to be a country redneck town until around 1980 when all of the city folks from around Montgomery County area migrated here because land was it is a pretty nice built up town with cute shops, but u also have your ghetto crack spots like John Hanson Projects, Taney Apts., Sagner Ave.,W. All Saints, and W. South St. but overall you should visit, but make sure u pack your glock!!
What chu' know bout FreD'Rik???
by Merchili' Jones December 04, 2004
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Growing city with too many cops and not enough crime. You can get arrested for J-walking here. Known for everyone knowing eachothers business. 30-45 minutes from Baltimore. You have to travel to have fun because the only club is wack ass Exhale were all people do is fight!
by Nina February 17, 2005
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