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A combination of 'for real', used in two ways
1 In agreement to a statement

2 "Are you serious?"
1 John: Dude, everyone thinks Paris Hilton is so hot, but that hoe is busted!
Alex: Freal! She is fug!

2 John: Last night, I forgot to study, so I flunked that test!
Alex: Freal? That sucks!
by PT4BB March 25, 2007
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A combination of for and real, two words commonly used in conjunction to emphasize the credibility of a statement.
Guy number one: I just won the lottery!
Guy number two: You're full of shit.
Guy number one: No I'm freal!
by JPeg18 May 10, 2009
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"Aye, I'm freal, ight, ight! I dont play that shit."

"That nigga just jumped Jimmy Tang!"
"Damn yo, you right. That cat's freal."
by Adam J. J March 21, 2007
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A slang which shortens the phrase "For reals"
A reply to ones statement
such as:
A: i got a new game
B: freals!
by jurahsik June 14, 2003
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1.) The combination of "for" and "real" mainly by black people who are too tanked up on fried chicken and Shiltz's Malt Liqour to realize it should be pronounced as two seperate words.
Yo, Shaniqua ain't freal, she is one wack nignog.
by caucasian jack June 20, 2003
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(Juan): I have to make a huge shit and it will fucking hurt:(Carlos): Freal?
by Adav51 June 09, 2016
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