Term referring to the brothers of a fraternity within formal fraternity meetings and functions.
Fraters John Smith and Joe Smith are running for the position of chapter vice president.

Fellow fraters, it is great to see you all here for our annual convention, we have much to discuss.
by Manchu Demon April 8, 2011
a man who is tall and very cool! or used as an adjective.
"You're soo frater!"
by mrfrater April 13, 2009
Someone that you thought was your friend but turned out to be a hater
You see RiRi all in your face trying to be your friend when the other day she was hating on your rocawear fit.
by Dani2fly July 14, 2005
The once, and soon to be again, #1 raiding guild on Blackwing Lair.
"Did you apply to frater infinitas for membership?" "It was weird. I tried to apply on my paladin and they just /ignore'd me."
by eeoo February 11, 2009
rhyming way of sayin' later, particularly to a bro' or a best bud.
Mike always rushed from one place to another so quickly, the only way I knew he was out of the place was when he yelled "Later, frater!" to me just before the door slammed shut.
by bongoman December 12, 2007
"Come at me, bro" in Latin. Generally used to piss off people who don't know any Latin.
"you calling me an idiot?"
"so what if i am?"
"pete me, frater."
by JJJJJJJJ February 24, 2012