the state of your trousers or shorts gets stuck in between you buttocks .
yo man , pull your fraps they look distressing
by tojeto 11 October 23, 2017
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Fucking + Crap = Frap
"I'm not putting up with any of that Frap!"

"Holy Frap!"
by LB da Rubbermann May 14, 2020
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(Nigerian Slang) a type of little wedgie in your underwear that’s visible on your clothing; it looks like a slight inward folding of your underwear and sometimes your trousers or skirts. It could be formed from tight clothing or sitting for too long in some cases. The state of a frap is measured in depth.
Sharon Harry’s fraps were so deep, maybe she wore that tight skirt for Khaled
by Bonabelle London May 30, 2018
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Abbreviation for bulk frappuccino. When you buy a 12 pack of Starbuck's frappuccinos from Costco or Sams.
I need caffeine, so lets go get bulk fraps!
by yaywendyxD March 22, 2011
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