A small town where people enjoy lawnmower racing and drinking their faces off during the May 2/4 weekend.It is located near Trenton, which is known for it's pregnant teens and high chlamydia rate.
"I had such a great time in Frankford May 2/4 but I ran into this girl from Trenton who gave me chlamydia..Now she is claiming I got her knocked up!"
by Red neck Girl November 26, 2008
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Where the hood start in Philly. Shit get wild.
Keep yo ass outta Frankford
by Bonita215 November 29, 2021
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A girl, she is "friendly" meaning a whore. She is open like a fucking book. Like Frankford Terminal there are many people going in more than one at one time.
1. Nadiya is our school Frankford.
2. Nadiya close your legs, were starting to think your a fraNkford
by Gipson Pants May 11, 2011
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they have the 2 best players /// athlete "Kevon Avery" and "Kevin Avery"
kevon avery plays (NT) kevin avery (QB,LB,Slot) and they live in Frankford Townhomes
by k3von December 15, 2017
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frankford middle school-
each of our west cluster middle schools create its own kin. let's see...rice produces asian doctors and engineers, robinson produces weirdos and good music programs, renner creates athletes and tall people, and...frankford produces wonderful drug dealers and horrible orchestras. not to mention we feed into shepton high school....basically the drug school of plano.
non frankfordian kid- "hey!! you're from frankford middle school. ya got some weed?"
frankford kid- "hell ya!! how much ya want?"
by kid0410 December 7, 2017
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