Kevon is a sweet, chill,cute and lovable guy he gets along with everyone any girl will be lucky to have him. He can be secretive sometimes and Can be a piece of work when aggravated. He also loves music and clothes.
Oouu it's Kevon
by DonP800 December 22, 2016
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Loveable. But sometimes secretive. Kind hearted. Forgiving. A great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have him.<33
Kevon Loctor hearts Joci Rodriguez.
by Jociibabii<33 January 23, 2009
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Kevon is an asshole at times but also can be there for you when you need him. He’s overprotective about his peeps and will kill someone over them. He’s slow at times but nun he’s just slow.
You better leave her alone, that’s kevon sister.
by Quacker5431 February 10, 2019
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A man who pulls all the hoes and then fucks them in the head with his 96 inch cock and then makes his dad proud in any sport
Kevon a mean of begin wakandina
by Kevin Debian November 13, 2018
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Anyone with the name kevon, is very innocent and loyal.
Kevon is a innocent child😇
by Hoes be gone November 24, 2019
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The gayest dude to ever exist
Dribbles dog balls
sucks penis and drinks cum for a living
"Your so gay you stupid quadrilateral"
"Bro Im not Kevon"
"My bad jit"
by BaboonBoner March 9, 2022
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