The combination of two or more similar elements into one cohesive idea, image or item that appears seemless in presentation.
"Taking two different photographs of the same model, he Frankensteined that lingerie ad into the perfect pose!"
by Monkeyfuck McGrew September 9, 2005
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The haphazard amalgamating or "mashing up" of elements from multiple ideas, objects or projects into one single output, often due to lack of possibility to come up with something genuinely unique/new.

Usually refers to student projects, or a software platform, or even a production line. The act of building something that incorporates a very diverse range of elements from varied sources, somehow working together to create results.
Dude, no way I got an A on that! I frankensteined the entire paper off multiple sites and papers already on the internet.
by nobody9090 November 30, 2020
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When an individual is dealt a blow of such excessive and catastophic measure that he or she collapses to the gound and enters a rigormortis like state with his or her arms or legs held in an erect manner and begins to convulse. In some extreme cases the recipent has been known to experience a bowel release as a result of a Frankenstein. Studies show that those of Chaldean background are more prone to such a blow. Likewise, studies show that the probability of being Frankensteined increase exponentially in those areas where Chaldeans congregate, including gas stations, hair salons.
I went to that party in Dearborn and that Chaldo got Frankensteined.
by PigeonGay January 28, 2010
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Noun: To be high as hell and feel blank, like poor ole' Frankestein.
Dude I was Frankensteined after those L's we blew.
Yeah, I was franked out.
by applejerky November 21, 2009
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To eat so much ecstasy that your face contours into a frankenstein like pose.
Person one:
Did you see Jack last night?
Person two:
Did I. He got so frankensteined he spilled eight drinks on himself and burned a hole in a trampoline.
by bperfan420 August 1, 2003
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To hack off choice bits of one or more existing items and then attach them to a new project, thereby bending them to suit your own requirements (diabolic or not). No gothic castles, fortuitously-timed electrical storms or god complexes required for this kind of assembly. Term introduced on the Handyman for the Common Man web TV show.
"To build your own awesome and inexpensive jib boom, you’ll need to frankenstein parts from an existing tripod and an L-bracket. With mad skills, all things are possible."
by The Handy Writer May 9, 2009
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The act of bringing something or someone to life by means of electricity.
1) Matt: Come on man we gotta go

Kyle: Hold on man I'm Frankensteining my phone

Matt: You're what?

Kyle: Bringing it to life with electricity man
2) Dr: This man has gone into cardiac arrest and is fading fast we have to Frankensteining him (charges up defibrillators and shocks patient, monitor shows working heart beat)

Dr: Thank god we could Frankenstein him soon enough
by Sir JamesH March 6, 2015
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