He is as bad ass as he is romantic. He's amazing, funny, and nice. Also incredibly attractive, you'll be lucky to get his attention, and if you reject him you're missing out. A genuinely nice guy, and a great friend!
Girl 1: Whoa, who is THAT?

Girl 2: Oh, that's Frank. He asked me out last week, but I said no because I'm an idiot.

Girl 3: Yeah, now he's dating me. He's the best!

Girl 2: *sigh*
by yesitsme345 February 14, 2010
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An amazing guy with a sense of humor that can be very serious at times and are great drummers.
Person: Whoa is that Frank

Person2: Yeah

Person: Wow he's a great drummer
by 123739 September 28, 2011
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An amazing guy who cares. Really funny. Sometimes shy but means well. He is really smart and is one hell of a guy. He loves to play guitar and piano. loves mexican food and his fav color is blue. Every girl wants him and his kindness
"Frank is Amazing"
by Adamwire August 16, 2011
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Very good looking guy. He is Nice, Funny, Smart and the girls love him. Always honest and very fun to be around. Strong, The typical tall dark and handsome, and loves everything about girls.
Ashley: Wow look at him he is so nice and really hot.

Emily: Yeah that's Frank he is new in town let's go talk to him.
by anonimous4u April 10, 2009
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"THE ONE AND ONLY" , "The one with the most beautiful smile", "MY FOUR WAY STOP CRUSH", etc.

A very down to earth, charming, loving, caring, funny, smart, sexy, sweet loving guy.

Watch it! He may talk you into a Zoombie apocalypse.. but it is just so that he gets you to shoot with him.

Frank loves life and surely knows how to enjoy every bit of it. NO matter if he is running a little late! can't be upset.. HE IS ENJOYING LIFE!!! BELIEVE ME!! You will want to enjoy life the way he enjoys it!

The best friend you will ever have.

Everyone wants a Frank in their lives!
by Vanessafelix February 05, 2010
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1.) The ability to consume immense amounts of alcohol in short periods of time, and still being able to remain upright under one's own power after doing such.
1.) Man, she really franked that bottle of vodka! I'm surprised she's still standing!!!
by ekzxekz January 13, 2007
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slang for having a huge dick
dam that chick has that frank dick in her mouth
by bigcracker06 October 20, 2009
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