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The art of puncturing a beer can at the edge opposite the drinking side in order to release the pressurized air from the can as you drink it. AKA shotgunning a beer... casually.
"Bro lets go shotgun a beer. Nah man just Frank it. I've been Frankin' it all night."
by LoneWolfpack September 13, 2011
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franking it is another term for masturbation, usually of the male sort but not necessarily exclusively
Dude, I can comfortably frank it the number of times there are days until we leave for our vacation.
by frankin it November 09, 2010
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Tank top with a front pocket, similar to frocket. Pocket usually has a flashy design.
The frankit really completes your outfit bro!
by blahbrah April 26, 2015
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